Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 1 Results

Yesterday I ran my first run on a one mile, sand road with a 50 ft hill at the beginning. Based on my experience from last year's training, this road takes about 45 seconds longer to run. My conditioning and training prior to this has been football practice where we "sprint" 1,000 yards each practice (and no, not all at the same time). Also, based on last year's experience, football conditioning is extremely good for track training. For one, you have more weight on you, and your cleats are much heavier than track shoes. And second, the mouth guard restricts air flow into your mouth to a certain degree. My run yesterday really showed. When I started running, I felt very light on my feet, and like my body was working much more efficient. When I finished I clocked in at 6:16 which translates into about a 5:30 on a regulated track. Given that I was a lot closer to my goal than expected, I was very excited (great motivation). Currently, to reach my goal I need to improve on an average of one second per week. That doesn't seem too hard with football and basketball forcing me to condition. Here is a chart of my times, and I will update them as I go on.

Not exactly the best quality, but I am trying to fix that.

If anyone want to suggest certain training techniques or nutrition techniques, I am always very open to ideas.


  1. Jacob, this is an awesome goal! I would talk with Mr. Ron about this. He may have some good training techniques for you. Be sure to vary your training so you don't overwork your muscles and end up injured. Doing hill work, tempo runs (which it sounds like you do in FB), and crosstraining (cycling, playing BB, etc) builds up the different muscles to make you generally a fit person.
    I'll send along some nutrition advice later.

  2. In football, we do series' of 40 yard run/sprints at a minimum of 1,000 yards per practice. Every other day, each person runs half the distance carrying sleds with 20 pounds on the back about 5 times (total- about 100 yards). I have read something about how core training is great for you based on the theory that the less time your foot is in contact with the ground (thus more force), the more efficient your running is.