Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 2 Results

I'm back, a little bit early this week, with very shocking news to me. So last week I ran a 6:16 on a road that's about 45 seconds longer (which would equal about a 5:30). Today I had my weekly run, and ran it in a 6:01.7, which would equal about a 5:16 on a regular 1600 meter track. An improvement of 15 seconds in five days really hit me hard. Next week, I do not expect my time to be pretty to my eyes. If my time does not go up, it won't go down much. I guess that if I pay close attention to my nutrition this week and keep working on my core/leg excercises, can end up with a good outcome in the long run (pun intended).

My four days to run are Thursday- Sunday. On most weeks, I will run on two non-consecutive days and take the best time (or average) from each. On either Saturday or Sunday I will most likely run again, looking for either a better time than previously that week and/or training purposes. I will check back in with an update at the end of the weekend.

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