Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week 2: pt 3

So, I had a third run for the weekend today which really helped a lot. Although I have been feeling tired and having the "morning feeling" all day, I did my best to get the energy to go on a run today. I went out there and clocked in at 6:12.8 (translates to about a 5:28). Yes, this was 9 seconds slower than yesterday, and 11 seconds slower than Thursday, but I found out why I didn't do so good today. For one, when I ran the 6:00 mile on Thursday, I remembered the point that I was at when I hit 1:30 and 3:00 (I missed 4:30- got that today). I found out that I ran pretty dramatic positive splits. I hit the 1:30 mark at 1:28 and hit the 3:00 at 2:47.5. Secondly, I was never really awake today. On Thursday, I had school and had a light 1hr 30min football practice without conditioning. Obviously, I was awake and gone with the "morning feeling". Today I was just laying around all day. The other condition that I noticed, is the stretch of time we haven't had rain. That road is getting sandier each day (which is a very good thing).

From now on, I am going to sprint up the hill from a certain point as I'm walking back. I've had really good experience with hills last year- I improved 11.5 seconds in one week after spending that week training with hills. Today I ran a 40.8 up the hill. If that ends up being somehting of interest, I will publish that along with my running times.

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