Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 4: part 2 (Tuesday)

No school today. Although we did have regular football practice and conditioning today, I went home determined to run a good mile. The road seemed like it would be good, the weather was nice, and its a good day to run a near-record mile. I went down to the road and ran a solid 6:04.2 (about 5:20). Relative to Sunday, the road had amazing traction and the weather seemed very nice (warm and dry). Maybe some of it had to do with coming back from football practice (when I'm done with football, I'm not very winded). Well, here is the new chart for this week

Both goals were achieved! New goals are:

Goal 1: Don't drink any pop for the next 2 weeks (this one's going to be hard for me)
Goal 2: To run 3 times during week 5 with times averaging <6:10

And just as a side note, my running weeks are from Thursday to Wednesday. That will probably clear up a lot.

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