Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 5 Results (Tuesday)

No, I have not given up (I don't know why I would), I have been sick since Friday. Since today I was feeling a little better, I decided that I needed to go on my run with a one day safety cushion in case I completely blew it. So, at about 6:30, when I got home from football practice, I hurried up and left to go run. I was feeling a bit better than usual, I was energizing myself so I wouldn't have an awful run. I ran my 1st split about 8 seconds fast, as well as the 2nd split, my third split was about 10 seconds fast, and my final time was a 5:48.2 (which, if the 45 second rule is still in play, is a 5:03). A 16 second improvement from last week and a new all-time record by 13 seconds. I have also changed my goal from 305 seconds to 300 seconds, just to give me more motivation.

  • Road- 5/5, rained two days ago
  • Weather- about 48 degrees Farenheit, dry
  • How I felt...
    • Before- very energized and motivated
    • After- I felt like that was the hardest I've ever run
Last Week's Goals
1. No pop for the next 2 weeks
Failed, I dropped the ball on Sunday, currently on day 3 out of 14

2. Run three times this week with an average time of under 6:10
Failed, sick. Definately a goal for next week, but instead of a time under 6:00 (this one's going to be hard)

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