Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Week 6 Results (Sunday and Tuesday)

What a week! Although we ended our football season on a disappointing 2-6, it was still quite the week. So as you may know, I was sick last week and was feeling better for my record- smashing run. This week (especially the Tuesday run) either that same cold is coming back onto me or something else, but I just have a common cold. So Sunday, I ran a 5:43.39 which would be translated to about a 4:58 on a track (we'll talk about translated times in a little bit), and ran a 5:39.0 on Tueesday. Here is the new chart with my times.
So as you may see, I have put two lines with my actual time and my '45 second rule*' time, to better keep me going with a long-term goal in mind. Since either my 45 second rule is wrong or I am running 4:54 miles (not very probable at this point in time). My goal then, is to run a 5:30 on my actual time, consistently.

  • Road- 4/5 had 2 30-40 ft stretches where it was fairly sandy, the rest was just fine.
  • Weather, (Sunday)- 60 degrees, no wind. (Tuesday) 50 degrees, wind from the LRL (left, rear, left)
  • How I felt...
    • Before- coughing a little bit, after light warm- up
    • After (Sunday) more winded than usual. (Tuesday) slightly sick to my stomach at end, wheezing a little bit at the beginning
1. No pop for 2 weeks.
Going good, currently on day 10 out of 14. End date is Sunday, October 29.

2. Run three times this week with an average time of under 6:00.
Failed, I was going to run today (Thursday), but it was just too cold, and I had things to do at home. Change from 6:00 to 5:50.

Final Thoughts
  • Very productive week. Only having two runs, I think, did me good with all of the work my muscles have done this week and because of my cold.
  • Trying to figure out a winter plan. For those of you who have not visited Nebraska, it can really snow here, so I need to find a good way to run in the winter. One idea was to go to an asphault parkway around the football/baseball field that is approximately 400 meters. The only problem with that, though, is accessibility. It is in town, which is two miles from my house, I would need cooperation with my mom (former assistant track coach).
  • '45 second rule'- The road that I run on is sand, has a 50 ft hill at the very beginning, and is about 1.05 miles. Based off of the last two years in training (not often until now), my time on that road has been consistently 45 seconds higher than what I was running on a track.

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