Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 4 Results

I hate making excuses. It makes me end up feeling like I'm more at fault. Today, I have so many things I could use as excuses, and I could use as reasons. If it seems like I'm getting to the "excuse mode" please let me know.

I ran at about noon today in a light drizzle, about 60 degrees, and 3 inches of rain in the past 48 hours. So the road that I ran on was sloppy in places. I started running and I felt like I was running in the Himalayas. The air just felt so thin. I called a few people after the disappointing (to say the least) run, and they said that the air feels like it's so thin, because of the low pressure system 75 miles away, and they high amount of humidity. Although, the road had much more traction, there were many places where I was slipping. So, here are the results.

I ran a disapointing 6:20 (which is approximately a 5:35 on a real track). The best sounding thing that I can say, is that I was extremely winded, and moderately dizzy afterwards. I know that I pushed myself hard, and that my body will definately react to that. To help make up for this "loss", so to speak, I'm going to take it relatively easy on Monday, and run then. I need everything I can get at this point in time.

Last Week's Goals
1. To run a 6:05 or faster.
Next week/Monday's goal

2. To consume 60g carbs, and 20g protein after my workout.
Nearly accomplished, also next week's goal

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